Unless you're one of those people who's been planning their wedding since they were 5... we know you probably haven't even thought of the logistics of your timeline yet... but when you're booking a photographer/videographer, the packages are based on hours of coverage.

    We're so big on being a resource for our couples, and we truly believe that starts right now. Let us give you a peek into the amazing experience we offer - It's full of guidance, resources, and a whooooole lotta love. We're family here.

    So let's figure all this out together, shall we?


    What is a "timeline"?
    You'll hear us say that word a lot. A timeline is simply a schedule for your day. It lets us know when everything is happening and is a super important element of any wedding day.
    What do you mean by "coverage"?
    "Coverage" is just how long you'll need us. It's the time that we'll be there covering / shooting your day! Your wedding day may last a total of 13-14 hours, but you may only need us for 9 or 10 of those hours.
    How do I use this "coverage calculator"?
    We've put the average amount of time it takes for us to capture each portion of your day. Tally up your very own time using the guide we've placed below. If you don't have a bridal party, for example, you don't have to include time for wedding party portraits. Once you've tallied up your time, we'll review it with you via email to make sure you'll have the correct amount of coverage for your day!
    40 minutes
    This is where we'll take your ring, invitation suite, dress, and other details and photograph them! It takes time to set up each shot. The dress-hanging shot actually takes the most time. We don't want anyone to see your dress and if I, Morgan, am being quite honest, it takes time to find someone tall enough to hang it. Sincerely, 5 feet 2 inches.
    30 minutes each | 1 hour for both
    Your "getting ready" is exactly that. We come in and capture the dress being zipped or the tie being tied. Want those hair and makeup shots? This is where we capture those!
    20 minutes
    If you're interested in a first look, they take approximately 20 minutes! This gives us time to get you placed, tell you what to do, and let the moments play out. We want you guys to have a moment together to soak it all in before the "I Do's."
    40-60 minutes
    If you remember nothing else, remember this! If you value couple's portraits - WORK. IT. INTO. YOUR. TIMELINE. When things run behind on your wedding day, you know what always takes the hit? Your couple's portraits! Leave a good amount of time for portraits with your lover - 10 minutes of pictures following family formals just doesn't work. This is going to be one of the only moments, if THE only moment you have just the two of you all day. You're all dressed up and looking so amazing for one another - make time for those memories. This is especially important for film. Trust us - we've got your back.
    30-60 minutes
    You don't want to be outside taking wedding party photos when Aunt Sue arrives. With that said, we do our best to tuck you away 1 hour before the ceremony begins as this is when guests start trickling in. We want to make sure you have time to grab a sip of water, maybe some crackers, and spend time with your wedding party. We'll be off photographing/filming reception details and guests at this time.
    30-60 minutes
    The time you need for this is totally dependent on how long you decide your ceremony will be. Add a 10 minute buffer time to the ceremony length you have in mind. For instance, say you're shooting for 30 minutes, note it down for 40 minutes because 9 times out of 10 you'll need it!
    30 minutes | 45 for larger families
    With other photographers, family formals take about an hour! *gasp* We don't want your cheeks to fall off so we prep you before the wedding day with tips for the quickest family formals. When your family is ready and cooperative, we are finished with formals in 30-45 minutes max; 20 if everyone is extra attentive! Let's get to the party, yes?!
    45 minutes
    When it comes to wedding party portraits, these are the photos we take: full wedding party, bride + bridesmaids as a group, followed by each bridesmaid with the bride, groom + groomsman, followed by each groomsman with the groom. If everyone is ready on time (we'll tell you when that should be) these will be finished in 45 minutes max!
    40 minutes
    You gotta eat. We gotta eat. We don't need any one of us passing out. Forty minutes is a good length of time that leaves us 10 minutes buffer time if food is delayed.
    70-90 minutes
    This time is NOT including the dinner time. We're not saying that 70-90 minutes is how long/short your reception has to be. That's just the amount of time we need to fully capture the couple + parent dances, cake cutting, bouquet and garter tossing, and the open dance floor, have-a-few-drinks-in-your-system kind of dancing. If you're doing an exit that you'll want us to be there for, make sure you pick a collection with enough hours to cover it!