While anomalies happen, it's borderline impossible for us to lose your photos. We have backups on multiple hard-drives and invest in online backup systems so your memories are safe. This is your only wedding - we aren't about risking anything.

what happens if you lose my photos?

The enneagram is a personality test that we absolutely love - it's helped us relate to each other and our friends significantly better. Google it and take the test! You won't regret it :)

what's an enneagram?

We limit our travel every year so we can prioritize time with our pups, but yes, we travel! If your wedding is outside of Texas, inquire and let's make it happen!

do you travel for weddings?

We don't offer videography because we want to really focus on providing an unforgettable experience as photographers. However, we have videographers we know and trust that we can send you to!

Do you do videography?

We guarantee your photos in your inbox within 6 weeks! It's normally shorter, though depending on the time of year.

how long will it take to get my photos?

Yes! All of our collections include both of us as your photographers. We want you to feel at-ease with both of your photographers, and with us you can.

will you both be at my wedding?

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